Forerunner in the field of winegrowing biodynamics, M. Chapoutier goes paperless for its expense reports.

SM. Chapoutier maintains a strong family know-how since the creation of the wine estate in 1808. With 300 employees and more than 30 sites, 50% of M. Chapoutier's activities are for export. 

In this business case, you'll discover : 

    What were the needs of M. Chapoutier regarding expense report 

    Its expectations with a paperless expense report solution

    The benefits of setting up N2F

A precious testimony on the digitization of administrative processes in a winegrowing company, with many sites and an international presence 👉

What will you learn in this business case ? 

Especially made for you by our experts, this business case will offer you a global vision of the implementation of a dematerialization project in the wine sector. 

In particular, you will discover how N2F was able to meet M. Chapoutier's specific criterias. 

Download our business case and fin out how M. Chapoutier chose to go paperless !  👇

They save time with N2F            


Who we are

N2JSoft is a fintech software publisher thathelps companies digitize and optimize their administrative processes : expense reports management, accounting and leaves. Creator of N2F, and innovative and flexible solution, N2JSoft optimizes the professional expenses of more than 10,000 companies (SMEs, medium-sized companies and large groups) in 72 countries and 11 languages. 

Thans to N2F, more than 800,000 users have already been able to save time in processing their expense reports !